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London Eye
The carousels are a natural extension of the idea of using two or three photographs in combination to create artworks. The London Eye was the inspiration for the first of these; a carousel of a carousel.

West Quay
As West Quay has provided the basis for so many of the multiple photographs to date, it seemed the obvious choice for one carousel.
Dunham Massey Algae
One Sunday, an unusual wind direction caused all the algae on one of the lakes at Dunham Massey to gather near the water's edge.
Runcorn Bridge
Constantly photographing while walking across the bridge one sunny Saturday afternoon provided all the necessary material for this carousel.
Lichens of Carsulae
Nature has been slowly reclaiming the ruined Roman City of Carsulae for 1500 years; beautiful lichens growing on marble slabs are testimony to this.
The Lowry at Night
The colours within The Lowry intensify as night falls and, when fused with the reflections from outside, make a rich and distinctive subject.