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Rod Taylor has an exhibition of work at the Drumcroon Gallery (www.drumcroon.org.uk), 2 Parsons Walk, Wigan
running from 2nd May - 17th July 2006.

Rod Taylor: "I love the weird distortions that occur, the way reflected objects assume new, ambigious, mysterious and disquieting forms and significance. The American photographer Louis Stettner describes how the origional conception of a photograph germinates 'inside the photographer until he comes across the visual image that corresponds to it.' Though I am constantly on the look out for the unexpected, I do not take snapshots and
am constantly seeking those images that correspond to the ones I carry with me. In places like London's Canary Wharf and in Tokyo I discovered a wealth of such images reflecting similar qualities to those that fascinate me at
Salford Quays but with the added sense of scale and dynamism that characterize the vastness of the modern metropolis."